PICOTEST アクティブ・フィルタ J2190A

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PICOTEST アクティブ・フィルタ J2190A の 商品概要

J2190A 0.1Hz-10Hz Active Filter

What's included:
J2190A 4th Order Low Pass/4th Order High Pass Noise Filter 
J2170A High PSRR Power Adapter 
User manual
1 Year Warranty

Characteristic Rating  
Gain 0 dB
Input Impedance High Z
Output Impedance 50 ohms
Bandwidth 0.1 to 10 Hz
Temperature Range 0-50 C
Maximum Altitude 6000 Ft

Model Description    
J2190A J2190A 4th Order Low Pass/4th Order High Pass Noise Filter
  • Product Information

The J2190A active filter presents a high impedance (approximately 150kOhms) minimizing the loading of the circuit being tested. The output impedance is 50 Ohms allowing low noise coaxial connections to all typical test equipment. The 0.1Hz-10Hz noise band is common for opamp measurements, voltage regulators and voltage references. Many application notes offer schematics of such a filter for test purposes. An engineer’s time is much too valuable to be spent building test equipment. We have created a 4th order high pass and 4th order low pass filter with an optimally flat response and 0dB gain. Additional filters can be cascaded for even sharper cutoff.

  • 0.1Hz-10Hz
  • 4th Order Filter
  • Low Pass and Cascadable
  • Very low noise
  • Powered from a J2170A (included)